your own BALANCE

yoB shows you a different way to relax from the hurly burly of life.
Our life style is very busy and it’s hard to come down after a full day of work, family management and the other things to do.
Maybe you feel too stressed to lie down on the floor and come down in a few minutes to do some YOGA (or some other arts to relax).
Because of that we start the lesson with a small brake in a standing position to enter the room, the group and your time to relax!
In the next 50 to 75 minutes it’s a swapping between simple moves, dance steps, YOGA positions and time with doing nothing. It always ends with a Meditation.
In some classes, we are doing YOGA only in a standing or sitting (on a chair) position because of the constitution of the group, the time and the room.
In addition I like to offer you some new different classes of your own BALANCE in the future.
E.g. yoB for riders and yoB for parents and her children.
All exercises are based on balance, on the way to feel and train your own BALANCE for your body, soul, now and forevermore.

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