About me and this BLOG

***** I’m working self-employed as an energetic healer for humans and animals, as a your own BALANCE trainer and as a health care assistant for a national heath care agency. In all of my work my passion as a healer is with me. I like to tell you about my daily experiences with Jin Shin Jyutsu, your own BALANCE, Tellington TTOUCH or my other tools of my work. I’m not a practitioner for the TTOUCH for humans, so if I do the TTOUCH on a human being I do it as a private person. The names of my clients and animals I’ll abbreviate to protect her privacy. I hope you will find some suggestions how YOU can change something in your life or in the life of your animals. Take care of you! ***** Yours Heimke

The 4

One of my clients at the night shifts is more than 90 years old and he reached twice an end of live phase in October 2015. I met him in November. He suffers from dementia and sometimes is very aggressive so it needed a few nights before he allowed me...Read More »

TTOUCH on a milk cow

Last week I had the chance to ttouch some milk cows. They all stood in their milking parlors with some food in front of them.
One of the cows was a little bit sore on the left side of her udder. So I started doing the TTOUCH on her left...Read More »

A peacefull morning

A. (in the 90th and dementia) is sitting in her lovely, big armchair in front of the huge windows. It is 6:30 in the morning, the sun is rising over the hills. In the background we can hear the seagulls in the sky at the little harbour where she lives....Read More »

A bad shoulder

Last Tuesday, at a bellringer meeting, a friend of mine told me that her left shoulder was hurting so badly. She’s got arthritis and her husband helps her out of bed in the morning. This morning he pulled a little bit to hard at her left arm. We sat in...Read More »

The finger and the 19

In the first two month he (suffering from dementia) liked to hold my hand whenever we walked around at night. But he took away his hand when I tried to hold one finger. After the first month he allowed me to hold his SEL 19 while I was feeding him...Read More »

TTOUCH on an old hand

One night I was with A. She is 90 years old and she has dementia. She is always very restless at night and if she is asleep she dreams a lot. At this night she was restless and sometimes agressiv. She didn’t want to be out of her room, she...Read More »

Holding J. fingers

In my job as a healthcare assistant I stay two nights a week (all May) with J., he has dementia. He likes to hold my hands nearly all night. But if I just want to hold one finger, it dosen’t make any difference which hand or wich finger, he takes...Read More »

The pulsing below my hands 06.05.2015

Yesterday I was with P. she had a dance accident a few weeks ago and the pain in her neck, eye and hip is always there. I did a few different JSJ – flows. My hands really like to rest on the SEL 1, 8 and 2. The pulsing below...Read More »

This is my first Blog ever!

Hi everybody out there. This is my first attempt to share some thoughts with everybody that might be interested.

I’ll try not to make it just another WordPress Blog. I hope you enjoy it.

...Read More »