for people who have lost a PERSON or an ANIMAL through death

We offer this group on a donation basis.
Donations are only used to cover expenses; any money left over goes towards to support A Dogs Lifes Shop, Stennack Rd, St Austell

Thursday the 10thof Oct., 7thof Nov. and 12thof Dec. 2024

3:30 pm COOP Funeralcare, 39 Victoria Rd, St Austell

Please let me know in the booking form which date you like to come!


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The death of a loved one or animal changes your whole life. Nothing is the same as it was.
This situation triggers a grieving process in everyone, which helps us to cope with the loss and adapt our lives to the new situation. The ability to grieve is innate.
Every person is different and just as the relationship between two people or a person and an animal was individual, so too is the way we deal with our own grief. There is no right or wrong. In our everyday lives, however, we often lack the space and time for our grief, or we experience that people around us are overwhelmed and don’t know how to deal with us.
This self-help/support group wanted to offer a safe space to talk about grief, to listen, and also to accept it through guided activities.

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