Tellington TTouch for You® Practitioner
The training program concludes with the certificate as a licensed „TTouch for You® Practitioner in Human
Therapy“ / „TTouch for You® Practitioner for Wellness“ and entitles you to practice Tellington TTouch commercially.
Medically trained participants receive the certificate “TTouch for You® Practitioner in Human Therapy”, participants without medical-therapeutic training receive the “TTouch for You® Practitioner for Wellness” certificate.The aim of the training program is the correct and in-depth learning of the TTouch for You® method and its professional use in different applications and situations.
As a valuable addition, you will learn different techniques to optimize your own mental and emotional balance as well as wholistic learning techniques.
A respectful, mindful and appreciative course atmosphere creates space for your personal growth.
The training consists of 4 training modules of 4 days each (plus an exam day) which corresponds to 136 training hours. It extends over a period of appr. 18 months. Each training module has a thematic focus (see training content). Between the modules you document your learning progress by means of case studies. The case study documentation includes a
total of 50 cases:
• 30 case studies documented in detail in a standardized manner, 10 each between the modules
• 20 case studies documented in brief tabular form, 10 each for the 3rd and 4th module
During the modules, experiences are exchanged and new skills are trained. At the end of the training you will complete an exam (oral and written) and a presentation about Tellington TTouch for You® in your own work context.

Module 2: 14.-17.03.2024 Thursday to Sunday
Module 3: 26.-29.09.2024 Thursday to Sunday
Module 4: 12.-16.02.2025 Wednesday to Sunday

£620 per module


Module 1: Thursday the 26th of October – 29th of October 2023

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