21th of May 2022

12 to 4 pm

£40 per person

Location: Horse & Heart Holistic Horsemanship, The Teign Valley, Dartmoor, Devon, UK

LAST DAY OF BOOKING: 14th of May 2022

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Horse & Heart is fully qualified and insured to provide the services / setup it offers. We take our clients' and patients' health and safety very seriously and every care is taken to keep people and animals safe. However, there are inherent risks to our activities and services and accidents may occur. Interacting with animals is dangerous as they remain unpredictable. Changes in the behavior of animals can be observed following a session or treatment and safety around animals should never be taken for granted. All users of Horse & Heart services and premises, whether for private bookings or public events are therefore responsible for:
- Their own Health & Safety at all times, and that of their children and animals.
- Looking after their belongings at all times.
- Attesting that their own, their children's or/and their horse’s mental & physical health allows them to take
part in the activities / sessions provided.
- Their decision to take part in sessions / activities / attending events and understanding the risks.
- Acting responsibly and according to the rules of the venue and its associated risks (terrain, farming equipment, fencing etc) and supervising their children.
- Following the instructor's and host's instructions for safety.
- Making the instructor / venue manager aware of any specific need.
- Where relevant, taking out appropriate insurance for equestrian activities and related, or public liability insurance where applicable.
- Seeking medical or veterinary advice for any concern – we do not offer medical diagnosis.
- Working on oneself through practices of self-development. This can trigger deep and strong emotions in participants. It is the client's responsibility to engage only in exercises they feel capable of handling, and to seek professional therapeutic advice or care should they need it. Clients remain responsible for their own and for their children's mental / emotional well being and for letting the Horse & Heart instructor know at any point if they feel the need for more support or care so that they can be redirected to a specialist.

Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn when entering the horses' space. Comfortable, outdoors clothing is recommended, jewelry and loose scarves or strings are not recommended. Sturdy shoes are mandatory at all times, sandals and light shoes are not permitted. Participants undertake full responsibility for the clothing and equipment they / their children wear during workshops.

Horse & Heart does not take responsibility nor accept liability for any accident, injury or damage resulting from the client not observing those responsibilities, or from risks inherent to its activities and events. We reserve the right to refuse entry to an event at any point to anyone showing offensive, threatening or aggressive behavior, or who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. No refund will be issued in such a case, and you will be asked to leave the premises. The behavior will be reported to relevant authorities. It is not permitted to bring pets and unbooked children or people to Horse & Heart events and sessions. Horse & Heart cannot take any responsibility nor accept liability for pets, children, or anyone that is not booked to a session or event.


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Horse & Heart is located on farmland, with typical associated hazards: slopes, uneven terrain, tripping hazards such as gorse, badger sets or brambles hidden under grass, rocks & boulders, fencing and barbed wire etc. The nearest large town / city is 1/2-hour drive away. The facilities include a caravan with gas & electric appliances, a compost toilet and there may be an open fire and/or a bell tent stove. Clients using the land and premises take responsibility for their own and for their children's clothing & footwear and Health & Safety whilst on the premises.
A full Risk Assessment of Horse & Heart activities is available to view on the Horse & Heart premises, It is the client's responsibility to make themselves familiar with it and understand the risks inherent to Horse & Heart activities.

Responsibility for dog owners Dog owners must make sure, that dogs are kept in a secure place (e.g. in the car or a box) or must be kept on a lead when, outside.

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The Tellington TTOUCH method has been changing my life for the better every day for over 20 years.

A more balanced life for me, the animals, nature and in our connection to each other.

The Tellington TTOUCH method is a two-way system.

We do something good for one another by trusting one another, learning with each other and having fun with each other.

Trust in our intuition, in what we have in common, in learning and teaching together, in being together.

It is a wonderful way to say “Thank you” to the animals and to yourself!

Contents of the workshop:

– We will work on and with toy animals, each other (In keeping with the current COVID rules) and on

the horses

– Gentle body work comprised of circular touches, lifts, and slides

– Movement exercises in “The Playground for Higher Learning –  The Confidence Course”

Please bring your own drinks and snacks.

Please note that sturdy shoes (hiking boots or wellies) are mandatory to approach the horses, sandals or light fabric shoes will not be accepted and you will be turned away if you do not have adequate footwear. Please wear comfortable outdoors clothing. Jewellery and loose scarves are not recommended.

LAST DAY OF BOOKING: 14th of May 2022

From Marie, the host:
“I was lucky to meet and work with Heimke many years ago and my horses and I got so much out of her workshop that I always knew I would invite her over as soon as we had our own home! The feeling of the T-Touch is that of the most wonderful release, bringing ease and comfort in the body as well as peace and bliss to the mind and heart. It feels as though every cell is singing with joy and relief. A feeling also mirrored by my Taku who melted into the participants’ hands and stood sleeping peacefully for a long time afterwards, feeling much calmer and happier when he woke up. 
I call it the Bliss-Touch… and I can’t wait to experience it again!”

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