10am – 5 pm

Please contact me by e-mail me@heimke-moll.co.uk or on Facebook by PM so I can have a chat with you about you and your dog!

Whitecross Village Hall, Lanteglos-by-Fowey, Cornwall PL23 1NF

From this workshop £8 p.p. to organize more Hands Tellington TTOUCH workshops for children, teenager and adults with meantal health projects.



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The Tellington TTOUCH
for dogs and dog owners
Kind hands for a deep bond and a balanced well-being!
The TTOUCH: The TTOUCH consists of a circle of a rotation of one and a quarter in clockwise direction. The TTOUCH is performed with the fingers or the full hand on the skin. It is not a massage! The TTOUCH balanced the function and the memory of the cells, he activates neural pathways to the brain, he is balancing the hormones and helps to regain balance and conveys a new body feeling.
There are more than 20 different TTOUCHES and not all of them consist of the circle, but all of them have the aim, to give the cells new information and the opportunity of recovery and of well-being. With the TTOUCH, Linda gave us a precious present, a present for all creatures.
The Confidence Course
It consists of different obstacles on the basement, e.g.: the maze, the seesaw, tires, plastic foil and slalom obstacles. Dogs work successfully with this method. The aim of the basement work is, to make animal and human work together and show them, how few signals and which are necessary to notify each other of the actions. In addition, there are certain positions of conduction for human and animal.
Places are limited on the workshop so please book early to avoid disappointment. Dogs that can cope in the environment are welcome, please have a chat with me by Facebook or e-mail about the dog you like to bring!
Please bring a crate or vehicle so that the dog can rest as there are times when we will not be working with the dogs.



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