My desire is to pass the art on in a way that children become adults embodying the method in their private as well as in their professional life.

KIDS and TEENS love to touch animals and have a natural feeling for them. Either of them is enjoying the time together.

In my workshops I’d like to provide the children/teenager with how to build a deep and peaceful relationship to animals. Further this art to touch animals will teach them to be kind and respectful to other creatures.

The groundwork will provide the children with how sensitive the mouth or the throat /neck is and how much fun it is to work with horses and/or dogs on the ground. Further they will understand that slow movements will help body and mind to understand faster and more durable.

Schedule for schools

For year 4, I am planning 2.5 hours.

For years 5 to 6, I am planning 3.5 hours.

For year 7, I am planning 4 hours.

These course system shall address children without any meantal health projects, growing up with or without animals.



To all animal charitys in Cornwall and Devon!!

10 FREE Tellington TTOUCH introduction (3 hours) for you and your volunteer in 2021!