Price list and offers

Usually nobody has got free money but so many people and animals need some help!

I charge minimum fees for you to pay but please feel free to pay more than this minimum if you feel able to do so.

Individual appointments:

In a 1-2-1 we will talk about what we think is the best for you and /or your animal to do. It can be one method?art or a mix from all of them.

Up to 60 minutes = minimum £ 18

Up to 90 minutes = minimum £ 23

90 to 120 min. = minimum £ 25

Group appointments between two and max. four animals

Up to 90 min. per animal minimum £ 25 ;

90 to 120 min. £ 30

Home visits by arrangement

Allowance for travel expenses for calls up to

20 miles = £ 5 , beyond that by arrangement

Telephone or email

Advice by phone 15 to 30 min. = £ 8

Advice via E-Mail each subject (max. 15 mails) £ 15


– Half day  (3,5 hrs + breaks)            £ 50 p.p.  with an animal, £ 40 p.p. without an animal

–  One day  (6,5 hrs + breaks)            £ 70 p.p.  with an animal, £ 60 p.p. without an animal

–  Two day workshop/retrat              £140 p.p. with an animal, £120 p.p. without an animal

(6,5 hrs + breaks)

If you like to organise aworkshop please ask for the conditions!!

Of every booking of a half-day workshop, £ 2.50, of each one-day workshop £ 5 and of each two-day workshop/retreat £ 10 goes into the organization and execution of KIND HANDS workshops for children, teenager and adults with mental health projects. Because of that I can organize these workshops for only a small expense compensation.

Thank you for your bookings and thus for the support of this project.

On your holidays:
If you are on holiday a mix of yoB and my healing work is possible.
Fees to be agreed.