Price list and offers

Fees !!!!!

Usually nobody has got free money but so many people and animals need some help!

I changed my fees, now there are minimum fees for you to pay but please feel free to pay more than this minimum if you feel able to do so.

Energetic healing and Jin Shin Jyutsu for animals and humans


Horse- and Dog-training and/ or complementary natural health care treatment


Small animals and productive livestock complementary natural health care treatment

Individual appointments:

Up to 60 minutes = minimum £ 18

Up to 90 minutes = minimum £ 23

90 to 120 min. = minimum £ 25

Group appointments between two and max. four animals

Up to 90 min. per animal minimum £ 25 ;

90 to 120 min. £ 30

Home visits by arrangement

Allowance for travel expenses for calls up to

20 miles = £ 5 , beyond that by arrangement

Telephone or email

Advice by phone 15 to 30 min. = £ 8

Advice via E-Mail each subject (max. 15 mails) £ 15

On your holidays:
If you are on holiday a mix of yoB and my healing work is possible.
Fees to be agreed.