Listen to Linda Tellington-Jones the founder of the Tellington TTOUCH Methode!

FIRST Tellington TTOUCH 4 YOU Practitioner Training in the UK

You are a nures, a healer, a doctor, a massage therapist, a carer or you like to change your profession to work with people!

Here is what you are looking for!

You like to try somethink new, you like to help people, you like to add something to your work with humans?

Here is what you are looking for!

With the Tellington TTouch for You® we can
connect, balance, harmonize, regenerate and rejuvenate body, mind and soul in a wide application spectrum.
The possible uses of the Tellington TTouch for You® are as diverse as the method itself. Be it at home for
self-help or as part of your professional practice.

Some example fields of application of the TTouch for You are:
• Relief of pain, tension, tiredness, nervousness
• Increase in well-being and self-confidence
• Increased concentration
• Stress reduction
• Reduction of acute and chronic pain
• Promotion of the healing process
• Wound healing
• Coping with stress
• Coping with anxiety and depression
• Help with motor and sensory disorders
• Help with vegetative disorders
• Promotion of perception and learning ability
• Deepening of social interaction
• Improving the quality of life
• and much more

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I am so thankful for this wonderful testimonial from Linda C.
She took part in one of my ZOOM talks in June:

Hi Heimke

I really appreciated the time you spent with us.  You gave us some very helpful guidance which I have been putting into practice with great effect, on both myself and my dog Dex!

It is definitely helping us both to reduce our anxieties. As a real test my daughter is visiting us this weekend from Yorkshire and Dex is usually very worried by visitors but he is like a different dog and is quite happy with her here.  A complete transformation, wow!

I am so delighted with the results we are seeing with Dex.  I know there will be steps back (as there always are) but this is progress in trust I have never seen from him. 

Thank you again so much Heimke.

Kind regards



I am a Tellington TTOUCH practitioner P2 for companien animals, a P1 for horses and I am a guild member of the Tellington TTOUCH Methode – British Isles and Germany.

I have started my Tellington TTOUCH journey in 1997.

You can also find information about further training and education opportunities at: