Listen to Linda Tellington-Jones the founder of the Tellington TTOUCH Methode!


I am so thankful for this wonderful testimonial from Linda C.
She took part in one of my ZOOM talks in June:

Hi Heimke

I really appreciated the time you spent with us.  You gave us some very helpful guidance which I have been putting into practice with great effect, on both myself and my dog Dex!

It is definitely helping us both to reduce our anxieties. As a real test my daughter is visiting us this weekend from Yorkshire and Dex is usually very worried by visitors but he is like a different dog and is quite happy with her here.  A complete transformation, wow!

I am so delighted with the results we are seeing with Dex.  I know there will be steps back (as there always are) but this is progress in trust I have never seen from him. 

Thank you again so much Heimke.

Kind regards



I am a Tellington TTOUCH practitioner P2 for companien animals, a P1 for horses and I am a guild member of the Tellington TTOUCH Methode – British Isles and Germany.

I have started my Tellington TTOUCH journey in 1997.

You can also find information about further training and education opportunities at: