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Welcome to my life!

My name is Heimke Moll. In summer 2012, my lovely family moved from the German Isle of Borkum to beautyful Cornwall.

With this website I would like to introduce myself and my social enterprise to you .

My wish is with you to learn, to feel and to explore again the perception of our environment, animals, plants and people as something perfect, unique and wonderful. I want to contribute to all of our well-being, our self-healing and self-care.

The learned methods, arts and experiences of the bygone years help me, to accompany you on this way.

Let us reach out our hands, paws, hoofs, claws, branches and leaves for our shared way!

If you have any questions concerning my work, I am looking forward to your mail or contact me by Facebook @HeimkeM.UK !

I am looking forward to hearing from you and take care of yourself!

I will read every e-mail or pm at the weekend and will answer you at the beginning of the week!

Excepted emergencies!!!

HeartHug to you!

Yours Heimke

1985/86 Successful completition at Technical School for Agricultural and Environment
(Fachoberschule für Agra und Umwelt), Philip-Holzmann-Schule Frankfurt am Main/Germany
1987- 1989 Successful completition at Technical School for social work
Fachoberschule für Sozialwesen Oldenburg (Oldenburg)/Germany
1994  Graduate social worker/ Social pedagogues at University of applied sciences of Social pedagogues – Social Work (Diplom Sozialpädagogin/Sozialarbeiterin)    Fachhochschule Lüneburg + Emden/Germany
1994/96 Holistice practitioner/healer for animals (Tierheilpraktkerin)
Medical first aid, Homeopathy, nutritional advice, Aroma – and Colourtherapy, Bach flowers therapy, Ear-Acupuncture ect.   
Paracelsus School Oldenburg-Bremen/ Germany
(start of training)
Tellington TTOUCH – Practitioner II for companion animals + horses Practitioner I 
2000/01  Course of studies Animal psychology (Horses and Dog)     
Without completion because of a long disease                                        Academy of Animal Naturopathy ATN AG Switzerland
’98/’08  Yoga, meditation and autogenic training instructor for adults & children                                                 
Nepal Lodh Social scientists, YOGA- master, Laughter therapist Bremen/ German
2005  Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner for humans and animals (BRD/USA)
2010  Energetic healer   trained by Ottmar Jenner Berlin/Germany
2011    Lay preacher of the Evangelical Lutheran Church   
(Lektorin der evangelisch lutherischen Landeskirche) Hannover/Germany
2018 Award in Education & Training QCF Level 3, PCDT, Penzance/UK
2019  Shamanic Practitioner, The Healing Tree Center, Launceston/UK
2018 First Aid at work place Level 2
2018  Young People, Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing & Understanding Self Harm     
2020 Safeguarding Basic Awareness, Church of England 
2020 Safeguarding Foundations,  Church of England                                             
2020 Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity, UK coaching
2021 Shinrin Yoku – Fortest Bathing Diploma
Level 3
Centre of Excellence, UK



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