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Kind Hands 4 All

* To all animal charitys in Cornwall and Devon!!

10 FREE Tellington TTOUCH introduction (3 hours) for you and your volunteer in 2020!


* Kind hands 4 all – Tellington TTOUCH
calm – heal – live-changing
90 min. practical & theoretical introduction in the art of
Tellington TTOUCH
How can a touch of your hand change the feeling, perception
awareness of your animal and yourself!
Enjoy a new experience of touch!

Please have a spong with you and if you like a toy animal, to practice the TTOUCH!

Prebooking is essential:
£4 p.p

21.10.2020       7pm BST

* ZOOM talk – Jin Shin Jyutsu “Get rid of Worry FAST”

W for Worry (thumb), F for Fear (index), A for Anger (middle), S for Sadness (ring) and T for Trying to (little).

I’d like to share this wonderful art with you, it helps to bring the emotional well-being in your own BALANCE with just holding our fingers and the energy of the Universe-Heaven.

PLEASE book in advance!
Otherwise I can’t send you the ZOOM link !! THANK YOU!

Prebooking is essential:

£4 p.p

01.10.2020        7pm BST

* Jin Shin Jyutsu – ZOOM Workshop

3,5 hour of self-helping, self-care and self-healing
To learn the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu and how it can promote your self-healing and wellbeing!
“God is in my fingers.
Know our 26 friends are here to help us remove illusions.
1-26 is a precious toolbox.
It is the Specialist that does the work for us… We just watch.
Lovingly holding fingers.
Hold index finger, drop your shoulders, smile, and receive.
Drop the shoulders and exhale.
Focus on harmonizing, not disharmony.
It is not a technique. It is the art of knowing thyself.”
£25 p.p. pre-booking is essential

* Jin Shin Jyutsu for you and your animal

Sunday, 11. Oktober 2020 at 15:30
3,5 hours ZOOM – Workshop
Jin Shin Jyutsu brings balance into the energetic system of us
bodies and stimulates the health and well-being from us and our
animals. Jin Shin Jyutsu is an art of life and strengthens the inner
self-healing process. It is a valuable and significant amendment to
traditional healing methods because it provokes a deep relaxation and reduces the effects of stress. JSJ works with 26 so called “safety-locks” within the energy flow which brings life into the body. In case one or more of these energetic lines are blocked, the result is a stagnation of the flow of energy into the respective zone and an energetic disorder. To hold a combination of safety-locks can rebalance you emotionally, physically and spiritually.
This art is very successful with animals, especially as an addition to academic and naturopathic treatment. It is also quite suitable for the correction of challenging
behaviour and for the consolidation of the relationship between
humans and animals.
£25 p.p. pre-booking is essential

* Tellington TTOUCH for KIDS and your family in your HOLIDAYS

KIDS love to spend time with their parents and animals.
KIDS love to touch animals.
They have a natural feeling for them and they are enjoying the time together mutually.
I’d like to show children and their parents how they can build a deep and peaceful relationship to animals. Also, a part of this wonderful art to touch an animal is to train the children to be kind and respectful to other creatures, to learn to feel empathy and to have a tool to calm themselves.

You will practice the TTouch
on each other first and afterwards on the animals.
Try it on your own dog, your soft toy or any animals at your holiday accommodation the owners agree to use.

The duration is 2,5 hours

Charge per family with

– 2 adults 1 child £ 90
– 2 adults 2 children £ 95
– 1 adults 1 child £ 80
– 1 adults 2 children £ 85
– Every extra child £ 5

For bigger groups please ask for price!

Of every booking of a half-day workshop, £ 2.50, of each one-day workshop £ 5 and of each two-day workshop/retreat £ 10 goes into the organization and execution of KIND HANDS workshops for children, teenager and adults with mental health problems. Because of that I can organize these workshops for only a small expense compensation.

Thank you for your bookings and thus for the support of this project.

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