Pet Remedy Natural Pet Calming

Suitable for all mammals, birds, & reptiles; including cats, dogs rabbits, rodents, horses, and parrots…

Starts to help immediately

Helps calm your pet without sedating

Helps stressed pets become more attentive, settled, and receptive to their owners

I recommend using pet remedy permanently in the rooms where the animal spends the most time.
With this method of use, the animal associates the smell and the positive effect with a relaxed and safe environment and the resulting good feeling.
If you then want to take the animal with you in the car or you want to teach your dog outside your house and garden, you can then transport the effect to the outside world by putting on a bandana sprayed with pet remedy or by spraying yourself with it. This helps the animal to transfer the security it feels at home to the outside world and thus helps it to relax.
If you have any further questions, I’m happy to answer them!

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