I hope to be able to offer the following workshop and meditation viva Zoom from next week:

* Kind hands 4 all – Tellington TTOUCH
calm – heal – live-changing
90 min. practical & theoretical introduction in the art of
Tellington TTOUCH
How can a touch of your hand change the feeling, perception
awareness of your animal and yourself!
Enjoy a new experience of touch!

* Jin Shin Jyutsu
“Get rid of Worry FAST”
W for Worry (thumb), F for Fear (index), A for Anger
(middle), S for Sadness (ring) and T for Trying to (little).
90 min. practical & theoretical introduction in the art of
Jin Shin Jyutsu
I’d like to share this wonderful art with you, it helps to bring
the emotional well-being in your own BALANCE with just
holding our fingers and the energy of the Universe-Heaven
or God.

* Jin Shin Jyutsu self-healing meditation
30 minutes

* Relaxing and uplifting meditation – The blanket of positive memories – 30 minutes

I hope, I can do my part with it to help us to get over this new situation!!
HeartHug to all of you!!!


Autumn surrounded with energy work 

Saturday 17. + Sunday 18.10.2020 

Venue:  Polhilsa House, Pl178PP Callington 


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