For KIDS from an age of 7 to 14 years

KIDS love to spend time with their parents and animals.
KIDS love to touch animals.
They have a natural feeling for them and they are enjoying the time together mutually.
I’d like to show children and their parents how they can build a deep and peaceful relationship to animals. Also, a part of this wonderful art to touch an animal is to train the children to be kind and respectful to other creatures, to learn to feel empathy and to have a tool to calm themselves.

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You will practice the TTouch on each other first and afterwards on the animals.
Try it on your own dog, your soft toy or any animals at your holiday accommodation the owners agree to use.

The duration is 2,5 hours

Charge per family with

– 2 adults 1 child £ 90
– 2 adults 2 children £ 95
– 1 adults 1 child £ 80
– 1 adults 2 children £ 85
– Every extra child £ 5

For bigger groups please ask for price!

Additional information


2 adults 1 child, 2 adults 2 children, 1 adults 1 child, 1 adults 2 children, Extra child

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