One night I was with A. She is 90 years old and she has dementia. She is always very restless at night and if she is asleep she dreams a lot. At this night she was restless and sometimes agressiv. She didn’t want to be out of her room, she didn’t want to go to bed. She was just sitting on the side of her bed and was in a stinking mood.

I was sitting next to her on a chair and talked very quietly with her. After a while she gave me her right hand and I started to do the TTOUCH on her. Sometimes she turned her hand or she offered me her left hand. All the time she was very relaxed, quiet and was looking at her hands.

Usually her hands are cold but now her hands were getting warm after a while. About 50 minutes she took away her hands from me and wanted to go to bed. It was a good night after that. It seemed that her dreams were not so stressfull and loud like most night. She slept 4 hours straight.

It was so wonderful for me to watch her looking so peacefully on my hand doing the TTOUCH on her.

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